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Steven T. Rosenberg is a world renowned entrepreneur that takes no shortcuts with anything he does. He began his career in 2009 by starting Green Purpose, LLC. The first environmental brand that focuses as much on being eco-friendly as it does with eco-capitalism.


Intro Steven T. Rosenberg 


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Marijuana and the Recycling Industry - Clip


The future of Marijuana business and legalization by Steven T. Rosenberg 

As the legal marijuana industry evolves and expands, cannabis companies are grappling with the issue of tons of plastics and papers. However; more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the industry to start up their own recycling innovations and companies such as Restalk and Kindman among others to meet the dispensaries, consumers and cannabis company’s needs. Consequently, such innovations are making it possible for cannabis companies to recycle thousands of tons of both plastic and papers used by all the major players such as marijuana growers, consumers, and dispensaries. Recycling is making it easier for people to enjoy this without affecting the environment hazardously.

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