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Recycling Label Sticker (4.25"x11")

  • $395

Simplify recycling with our universal recycling bin stickers!

Our Recycling Label Stickers feature a vibrant design that provides recycling program participants with a clear understanding of what types of items can go in a specific recycling bin. These Recycling Label Stickers are water resistant and can adhere to most surfaces, including all types of plastic recycling bins. They are printed on a flexible vinyl material, and their durability allows them to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Now available in TWO different adhesive strengths!

  • Premium Adhesive:  Recycling label stickers with premium adhesive are an ideal solution for less demanding applications such as indoor office environments, homes, and classrooms, or where more flexibility is desired.

  • Platinum Industrial Adhesive:  Recycling label stickers with platinum industrial adhesive are designed for more industrial warehouse applications that require heavy adhesion strength. The adhesive offers high initial tack, and is designed to permanently bond to high and low surface energy plastics, rough-textured or contoured surfaces. It also has great resistance to general purpose and household cleaners, oil and water.

Please note: Recycling bins are not included with the purchase of your label sticker(s).

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