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How to choose the perfect recycling and waste bins... Important considerations you probably didn't even think about!!

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

How do I choose the perfect recycling and waste bins???


Choosing the perfect containers  will go a long way to make your recycling program successful and can save you major headaches in the future. Size, material application, placement, and visuals are some factors to consider before pulling the trigger.

Ideally you will want to choose a recycling container that will not fill up prior to collection. The recycling container should be a size that will last until your pickup, but also will not be too large for your working area. To large of a container will take up unnecessary space at your facility and may pose other problems when trying to move it.

Size Highlights:

Bins too large will waste space and be hard to move when full.

Bins too small risk allowing waste to overflow.

Always keep collection and transportation in mind when choosing the perfect recycling container.

Recycling bins should facilitate sorting in some way, even if its between garbage and recycling. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the bin? Understanding the application will help determine the best container to choose, including features such as handles, wheels, lids, shape, or drainage holes. Using bins for recycling that have multiple compartments or shaped openings makes sorting much easier.

Most important component of choosing the perfect bin:

I will give you a hint... It's not the container itself, it is the visual cues that are used to make the containers attractive. Without superb color coded labels there to educate staff on how to properly recycle, you can almost guarantee contamination. Consider using stickers that have colorful images and descriptive words to create a sense of pride among users. Always have signs posted explaining the recycling program to those who are unfamiliar, new to the program, or need consistent reinforcement.

A high-quality recycling sign and a mediocre container will pay benefits in both economic and positive environmental outcomes. High-quality containers and labels will last through years of wear and tear and offer a much lower cost per use than a poor quality substitute., Not to mention the headache and cost of unnecessary replacement containers.

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