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Recycling in the new Marijuana Industry

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Recycling in the Marijuana Industry


Marijuana legalization has resulted in numerous innovations and creativity among the smokers and investors. The marijuana industry is projected to hit $ 35 billion mark by the year 2020.Millions of marijuana plants are being grown annually in the US. It is therefore imperative for implementation of environmental practices which can be beneficial to the society as the demand for cannabis products increases. It is a fact that the more the demand for weed grows, so does the quantity in tons of bio waste among other environmental hazards.


Recycling is one of the initiatives that can be so beneficial to the community and all other marijuana industry players. The legal cannabis industry attracts the use of multiple solvents including; hexane, butane, ethanol, propane and isopropyl for extraction purpose which can be very expensive for involved parties.

As the legal marijuana industry evolves and expands, cannabis companies are grappling with the issue of tons of plastics and papers. However; more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the industry to start up their own recycling innovations and companies such as Restalk and Kindman among others to meet the dispensaries, consumers and cannabis company’s needs. Consequently, such innovations are making it possible for cannabis companies to recycle thousands of tons of both plastic and papers used by all the major players such as marijuana growers, consumers, and dispensaries. Recycling is making it easier for people to enjoy their weed growing and smoking without affecting the environment hazardously.

In some States such as Colorado, the Law stipulates that all marijuana products be sold in opaque, tamper proof and child resistant containers for safety purposes. Such regulations also stimulate the marijuana dealers to innovate their own recyclable packaging to reduce costs. By encouraging the use of recyclable packaging containers with lower risks of leaching the environment can be much safer for everyone.

Plastics which are normally made from high-density polyethylene can be recycled into chairs, picnic tables, pens, detergent bottles and litter bins among many others making the environment safer. Recycling is a key factor in regard to cutting down the costs of running a marijuana business for prudent entrepreneurs. There are numerous benefits that are associated with recycling which include; money saving, time saving, less hazardous environment, job creation, lower crime rates ,efficiency, convenience and eco-friendliness among many others.


It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we all live in a safe environment hence the need for all marijuana growers, consumers, and dispensaries to be compliant with the set standards and regulations in their respective States.

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