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Marijuana Legalization in some States

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Marijuana Legalization in some States

Marijuana legalization has brought about jubilance in an impressive 25 States in the US so far.The beauty of weed legalization is that you no longer have to smoke your joint in anxiety. Users in the 25 legal medical marijuana States can pass a puff around without fear of being arrested. This is such a wonderful privilege since many people can now come out of their closets and buy weed legally. Isn’t that beautiful? It is absolutely awesome. After all who doesn’t like weed?

Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

  • Curbs Corruption
  • Many States are realizing that prohibition of weed has been ineffective with the number of cannabis users increasing each day. Consequently, cannabis dealers opt for unsafe production, sale and use of marijuana. In most cases, dealers and other players indulge in corrupt activities to continue doing what they do, which is marijuana dealing. It also elicits violence and discrimination among others. The advantage of legalizing marijuana is that it curbs corruption since dealers and users can do their things legally.

  • Jobs Creation
  • It is the responsibilities of federal and State governments to provide employment opportunities for their citizens. One way States have been creating jobs in their respective regions is by legalizing and regulating marijuana. The move opens up numerous economic opportunities for people .These job opportunities open up in marijuana production, cannabis technology, marijuana selling stores and delivery services among others. By taking money from the wrong hands of people dealing in illicit marijuana deals any State stands to gain by promoting formal economic opportunities for thousands of people who would otherwise be under gangs and cartels.

  • Save Government money
  • Government Funds can be saved through marijuana legalization. It is a fact that cannabis prohibition has seen many government agencies spend millions of dollars on drugs related projects. Weed legalization enables government money that would have otherwise been spent on ensuring people are not using marijuana to go to other important State projects such as education, healthcare, housing and security among others. It is prudent to utilize the States scarce law enforcement resources on providing public safety rather than on marijuana dealings.

  • Promote consumer safety
  • It is a requirement that all Marijuana products get tested before availing them for consumers use. This is evidence enough that weed legalization promotes consumer safety .This is mainly attributed to the fact that cannabis users will buy high quality recreational or medicinal weed from authorized dealers.

  • Increased Tax Income
  • Selling of regulated cannabis is more likely going to attract taxes for dealers. Consequently; it works in favor of the governments in terms of tax income. Weed business is highly profitable hence leading to increased tax income for the States involved. It also leads to economic growth due to increased job opportunities that come with marijuana legalization.

  • Good for Law Enforcement
  • Marijuana legalization leads to a decrease in crime rates since sellers and buyers don’t have to indulge in criminal activities that would otherwise jeopardize their privileges.


    It feels great smoking something natural and legal without worrying about law enforcers. Many states in America have opted to marijuana legalization after putting voters’ views into consideration. Of course there have been some challenges here and there but in the end, it all comes to legalization of cannabis. So far the legalization has been beneficial for all parties including the States.  Things are totally different today as compared to when weed was purely bought in notoriously dangerous and sketchy black markets.

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