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8 benefits of Rain Barrels you didn't know about

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Benefits of Rain Barrels

Today rain barrels have gained popularity among many homeowners. Rain barrels are used around the home to collect rainwater which can be used for watering your garden and flower bed, cleaning the outdoor furniture in your home and moistening the compost bin when it is drying up. Below are some of the benefits you can get from obtaining rain barrels.

  1. Rain barrels help in minimize the damage from flooding water by collecting water that would have otherwise flooded your yard. This helps in controlling the moisture levels around your home’s foundation thus preventing mold, dampness and flooding.
  2. You will have water for use during drought. Rain barrels ensure that you collect rainwater, therefore, you have enough water for nourishing and watering your garden throughout the year.
  3. Rain water collected through the barrels can be used for irrigation and gardening. This will have a positive effect on your plants especially since water from the rain is naturally soft. Water collected by the rain barrels can also be used for washing your car and watering indoor or outdoor plants.
  4. The rain barrels will help save money and water. This is through using rain water as an alternative to the local main supply for toilet flushing, watering your lawn and garden, cleaning your patio and other outdoor uses.  It is estimated that during summer, 40% of residential water use is through lawn and garden watering. Save about 1,300 gallons of water during growing seasons.

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  1. Rain water can be a pollutant to our rivers and stream. This happens when water from the dirty roof tops flow down the dirty street and into our streams. Rain barrels help prevent this since some have filters. They also collect water that would have otherwise found its way in to the rivers after flowing over the dirty street. Using the collected water for gardening encourages groundwater recharge.
  2. Runoff water causes soil pollution and carries pesticides, oil and other contaminants to other landscape areas therefore contributing to environmental pollution. Barrels reduce the effects of runoff water by decreasing its volume.
  3. Rain barrels collect rain water which is a fresh and green way for you to wash your pets and cars. As compared to tap water, rain water does not have chemicals that are found in tap water.
  4. Use of rain barrels is a very good inspiring example of environmental stewardship.


These are some of the benefits that you will get from using rain barrels at home. You can opt to buy a pre-made barrel or make one. Here are two really great Rain Barrel companies to check out. or


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