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Are you considering purchasing a rain barrel in Colorado?

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Are you considering purchasing a rain barrel in Colorado?

Now that rain barrels are legal in Colorado, a lot of people will be making considerations to get one for their household. Rain barrels are a life saver when it comes to water conservation especially during water shortages. There are a couple of things that you ought to consider before buying a rain barrel. Things factors include the location of where to set up you barrel, size and capacity, price and most importantly the quality or type of barrel. Let us now look deeper into these factors;

  • Location

The most important thing you need to know is that the location you choose should be ideal in that it is easier to access the barrel. The place to set up you barrel should also be in accordance with the safety of the rain barrel. A rain barrel especially the plastic ones should be placed away from direct sunlight so as to increase their durability.

  • Size and capacity

The size of the rain barrel will depend on how big your property is and as for the capacity, it will depend on how you plan to use the rainwater and for what purpose. You do not have to worry about this though since the state of Colorado has issued a guideline that for each household they are only allowed two rain barrels with a combined capacity of 110 gallons

  • Type of barrel

The key to buying a good rain barrel that will last a lifetime is considering the material from which it is made from. The most popular ones are the plastic or the polyethylene rain barrels. These barrels are lightweight and inexpensive, however, they deteriorate gradually under the sun. Other available alternatives include ceramic, stone, metal or wooden rain barrels. These alternatives last longer than the plastic barrels.

  • Price

Different types of barrels have different price range. The difference in prices is due to the material and design of the barrel. One should first survey the market to gain insight on the pricing details and stick to their budget.

The next step after knowing what to consider is finding out where to buy the barrels. There are many in-stores and online stores that one can purchase a rain barrel. For the online stores, there is Amazon, Lowe’s, Ace hardware and home depot. These stores provide a wide variety of barrels in different shapes and designs. They also have the best discounts and offer shipping services. Apart from selling rain barrels, they also offer other tools and hardware associated with rain barrels.

There is no need to stress anymore since this is the only information you need to know before purchasing a rain barrel for your home.

You can opt to buy a pre-made barrel or make one. Here are two really great Rain Barrel companies to check out. or

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