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Essential cleaning for your rain barrel

Posted by Julie Beynon on

Cleaning your rain barrel

Rain barrels are essential in the collection of rain water from the roof downspouts for reuse later. They come in various sizes with the 55-gallon barrel being the most common size. They can be added to any building using downspouts and gutters. Rain barrels are most commonly found on townhomes and single-family homes. They are easily installed by homeowners for use on their properties today. Rainwater can be used by both plants and animals. However, if the water in your barrier sits there for too long it develops an odor

Rain barrels are very good when it comes to saving water and utilizing the environment. However, you must clean your barrel properly so as to keep your barrel in prime condition, keep the water healthy and clean and prevent pests from residing in the water. Proper sanitation will ensure that barrel serves you for several years to come. Below are some measures you can take to prevent the odor in your stored water.

  1. The rain barrels should be located in a shady area. Avoid sunlight since it will encourage the growth of algae which can leave your water with a repugnant smell.
  2. Every month empty the rain barrels and wash them thoroughly. You should sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the barrel and then add fresh water. Scrub your barrel using this mixture. The baking soda will get rid of the odor. Remember to wash all the barrel parts including its screen and the downspout.
  3. When each barrel starts to fill with rainwater, you should add a cupful of chlorine bleach. This chlorine bleach cannot harm the plants.
  4. After cleaning the inside of each barrel remember to clean the outside also using a sponge and some detergent.
  5. Inspect the barrel carefully whether it is clean. If you are satisfied by its cleanliness, you should leave it to dry.

A clean rain barrel will ensure that you are not at risk of diseases and keep your home free from odors that might come from the barrel.

After cleaning, there are some safety guidelines that one should follow to keep their family safe. These safety tips include;

  • Do not leave water in the barrel for a long period of time so as to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Avoid drinking water from the barrels or using it on your pets. This water is only for non-potable uses at home. Drinking water from rain barrels may bring about diarrhea and other health issues especially if the water is contaminated.
  • Do does not allow your kids to play around the barrels to prevent drowning.
  • Avoid direct spraying of the water on vegetable leaves since it may contain bacteria from your roof.

All these are some of the things you need to know about cleaning your rain barrels and how to use it safely without risking the health of your family.

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