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The FREE way to preform a Recycling and Sustainability Assessment: Step-by-Step

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

The best way to preform a Recycling and Sustainability Assessment

Environmental Consulting

Sustainability Assessment Overview:

In order to achieve Zero Waste reduction goals through the design and implementation of a customized program that accommodates your company’s specific recycling needs is easier than you think. In order to streamline your waste reduction efforts without disrupting your facility’s daily operations follow these FREE guidelines that we use at Green Purpose, LLC. 


  • Establish goals for start-up phase.
  • Develop internal contact hierarchy.
  • Assess existing operations and how they relate to waste and recycling programs.
  • Identify all inefficiencies and potential improvements necessary.
  • Create ROI report that outlines existing baseline statistics for all materials prior to implementation of upgraded collection systems across all facilities.

Steps to Completion:

  • Client Implementation Process (Establish primary point of contact).
  • Request all necessary statistics related to recycling program.
  • Examination of internal logistics.
  • Analysis of each facility’s current waste practices and recycling goals.
  • Review of floorplan designs in order to optimize collection system.
  • Identify opportunities for improved collection practices (containers, posters, labels, etc.).
  • Complete comprehensive waste audit of each facility.
  • Increase communication levels with facility managers in preparation for Zero Waste program start date.
  • Submit in-depth audit report that identifies any areas for improvement in relation to the facility’s existing program.
  • Submit recommendations for containers, labels and signs necessary to ensure the integrity of the program’s potential for success.
  • Submit suggestions for ways to achieve the Zero Waste goals established by the program management team.


After you establish baseline data, that information will be used to assess the profitability of your existing recycling program that your team can use to troubleshoot any site-specific concerns that may potentially cause disruptions in the newly designed collection/storage process.

In addition, the collected data will be vital in establishing future goals that are challenging yet realistic. Identification of any weak points in the facility’s recycling process will help drive you closer toward the ultimate goal of Zero Waste and consistent profitability.

The creation of a Waste Audit report will enable your environmental manager to gain a better understanding of anticipated volume and material stream projections on a monthly basis. Combined with an in-depth financial forecast, your facility will be able to highlight the annual profit potential.


  • Anticipated start date through anticipated date of completion: 6 months - 1 year (depending on the size and complexity of your operations).

Required Resources:

  • One staff member as main point of contact
  • One to three site assessments
  • Time to analyze all data collected  
  • Time to generate comprehensive report and next steps
  • Meeting with upper management to determine stage two
Thank you and have a GREEN day, 
Steven Rosenberg
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