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Tips and tricks for building your Instagram

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Tips and tricks for building your Instagram

  1. I typically tend to look for pictures off of Tumblr or Pinterest. Many of them tend to be ideas on how to repurpose a product, or they tend to talk about recycling. I also have incorporated pictures that i’ve taken around the office.

  1. Make sure to go through the posts and nothing is a repeat. I don’t tend to mess with the filter unless it really needs it but most pictures are very nice as is.

  1. Use tags! I tend to use #reduce #recycle #reuse #repurpose and I always tag #greenpurpose at the end of each photo. I do the same for Tumblr. You are welcome to use the same tags or use your own.

  1. We started with zero followers and we are up to about 24 in a few shorts weeks. It took a month or so for people to start liking our photos and to start following us. Ask all the interns to follow Instagram and Tumblr. Try to research and find companies that we can follow on Instagram. I’ve started to follow some but I think we need more.

  1. Like other people’s posts, sometime you will get followers for doing so or search the tags for cool photos or ideas. Feel free to like those posts too. Try to only follow companies, we don’t necessarily want to be following so many people. Unless of course, you think otherwise. This is now up to you.

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