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How Pokemon Go and augmented reality will be great advertising platform

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

How Pokemon Go and augmented reality will be great advertising platform

The year 2016 so far has been full of surprises with the biggest one being the launch of Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go is a game that has brought the gaming world to a whole new level. It has brought joy to most people with its ability to turn the gaming world into a reality. It uses augmented reality which lets players navigate the physical world in the search of virtual characters of the game. The app uses real life locations through the help of Google maps.

Augmented reality has been used in various sectors like the automotive sector to boost the sales levels. It is due to this feature in the game that has led Pokemon Go users beat the average users of the social networks. Within a single week of its launch, the game had already attracted millions of users, more than those of Twitter.

Pokemon Go and augmented reality has given the business world hope of improving and creating services that will be beneficial to both the business and the peoples

Pokemon Go and augmented reality will be great advertising platforms in the following ways;

  • Sponsored locations

Niantic, the company that developed Pokemon Go is strategizing on how they can give businesses an advertising platform and one of the ways is through sponsored locations. Already, the company has initiated this feature in McDonald’s in Japan. The feature will see businesses pay to become Pokemon Go stops, or gyms. This way, businesses will be able to attract players in their business, therefore, increasing their customer base.

  • Setting up lures
  • The biggest problem that businesses have and prevent the success of a business is lack of customers. Just like sponsored locations, businesses can set up lures where lovers of the game can get Pokemon Go products or even something to eat. This is one of the many opportunities that Pokemon Go is opening to businesses.

  • Enhancing customer services
  • Even though augmented reality has been around for a while, not all businesses have put it into good use. Thanks to Pokemon Go, augmented reality has proven to be a useful tool for advertisement. Businesses can use it to sell their products allowing customers to experience how it would be if they bought that particular item.

    • Mobile services

    Pokemon Go has created a demand for the mobile services. Businesses that are specializing in these services can use this opportunity to sell their products such as mobile charging equipment and increasing the bandwidths.

    The technological advancement integrated into this game will really transform how businesses advertise their products. To learn more, click on this link.

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