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The most effective way to get likes and shares I Steven T. Rosenberg

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The most effective way to get likes and shares I Steven Rosenberg

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re having a green day so far. I’m Steven Rosenberg. So today, I got a business question from someone about social media and the question was: What’s the most important aspect of how to get the most likes and shares on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, etc, etc? And the answer to that question is very simple. It’s there’s no magic formula except for one thing. Your intent is the most important thing and being genuine is just as important. If you are trying to just get likes, you’re going to end up failing. You may get likes but that’s not going to do anything for your brand or your personality. You really need to be authentic in this. And I’m learning that more and more as I continue down this rabbit hole but I think it’s so important that you’re not trying to pay people to like your stuff or just a number of the other BS tactics that are out there to do that. And I think you really have to be true to yourself and what you’re saying needs to be truthful, authentic, genuine, and your intent really needs to be good. Because if it’s not, you may fool a couple of people along the way, you may get some more likes or shares but ultimately, it’s not going to work out in your best interest. So if there’s one piece of advice that I can give on that, it is to be authentic and to be genuine.


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