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Success stories of companies that have used Snapchat or Instagram

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Success stories of companies that have used Snapchat or Instagram

Snapchat and Instagram are among them best social media platforms that businesses use to market their products. The two platforms play host to millions of users each day which makes them stand out. Businesses that have used snapchat’s or instagram's full potential have seen their ROI double within a short period of time. There are numerous ways that businesses can use snapchat or instagram to promote their brands. Some of these ways include sending their customers coupons, holding contests with the price being something valuable to the audience, giving customers a behind the scenes tour of their factory and several others.

To push your brand in the market through these social media platforms, it depends on your creativity and you ability to tap into your audience's favor. Over the past years, we have seen start-up companies shoot to the top due to the use of snapchat and instagram in their marketing. These social media platforms have also seen dying businesses rises up against all odds. Below are some of the businesses that have embraced and used instagram and snapchat and have emerged successful;

  • Taco bell

It may have come as a shock to many when Taco bell decided to reach out to their fans asking them to add Taco bell as a friend on snapchat through Twitter. This was a well-calculated move since they also had some good news to their fans. Taco bell's request had an incentive. They wanted to reintroduce the Beefy crunchy burritos.

  • 16handles

16handles is a brand that deals with frozen yoghurt. It used the coupon direction to attract more customers on snapchat. They made a request to their customers to send pictures of them having a frozen yoghurt and in return, they would be awarded discounts on the product.

  • Johnny walker

We all know about the legendary brand Johnny Walker. The brand used the power of influencers on instagram to increase their sales and customer base. The influencers took photos of themselves enjoying life while showing the adventurous nature of Johnny walker.

  • Acura

The success story of Acura is based on both instagram and snapchat. The company used the two social media apps to launch its new prototype in the form of a short video documenting the prototype. Just like all others, people reacted to their post and it led to an increase in sales.

  • NatureBox

Like Johnny walker, NatureBox also tapped into the power of influencers mainly bloggers to launch their brand to success. With the influencers posting photos enjoying the product, more people started consuming NatureBox.

As a business trying to make it in the congested market, you should emulate the above companies and many others who have used the power that lies in snapchat and instagram’s social media marketing.

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