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Social media marketing plan

Posted by Steven Rosenberg on

Social media marketing plan

The use of social media in business has become a norm. New and upcoming businesses are finding it easier to market their products on social media platforms. The giants of the corporate world are also using social media so as to stay on top of their game. All these businesses must have a social media marketing plan to ensure they put these platforms to good use.  Social media marketing plan comprises of how you will use social media in your business and what you want to achieve through it. The plan should entail the tools you intend to use, your goals and an audit. To help brands create a good social media marketing plan, here is an easy step by step guideline;

  • Objectives and goals.

As stated earlier, objectives and goals need to be on your social media marketing plan for your business to succeed. Knowing what you want to accomplish while using social media will help you keep track of your success and failures. The goals should be in-line with the overall business’ marketing strategy.

  • social media audit

You can never come up with a quality social media marketing plan if you do not have a full report on your current status with the use of social media. First, assess the situation when it comes to you and social media usage. This will help guide you on which areas that should be explored more and the ones that are only harming your brand. There are many social media auditing tools that can be used.

  • Social media accounts

Time and again, brands have been urged to work on their SEO visibility. One of the ways they can do this is to create social media accounts as part of their marketing strategy. Creating accounts create a platform where your audience can reach and interact with you.

  • Have a content and editorial plan.

The questions in mind while creating a content and editorial plan should be as such; who is the target audience?  How will I create content and promote it? What type of content will I have? All these should be the considerations when creating a social media marketing plan

  • Make adjustments to your plan
  • By now, you already have a good social marketing plan and all it needs is evaluation and make adjustments if need be. Performing a test and evaluation of your marketing plan will help point out few issues that need to be fine-tuned to ensure that your social marketing plan is flawless.

    Brands should always consider having a social media marketing plan before delving into the use of social media for their business.

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