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Social media trend of 2016 and upcoming in 2017

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Social media trend of 2016 and upcoming in 2017

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Ever since the rise of social media networks, businesses are finding it easier to advertise and utilize these platforms. With most people spending almost all of their days in social media, it has proven to be a major asset to most businesses. As the businesses grow, so does social media. From a tender age until now, social media has been evolving with the times trying to keep up with the current trends.

The year 2016 has been no different from the previous years. It has been a great year and has seen new trends in social media emerge. Some of these trends include;

  • Real-time engagement

The biggest challenge that social media users have continued to face is lack of a quick response. Most businesses are marketing their brands on these platforms but not all are getting to rip the benefits of social media advertising. The main reason for their failure is lack of quick response. Social media works in real time and when users raise certain concerns to businesses they expect a quick response, utmost within 24hours. In 2016, businesses seem to improve on this issue given that there are better social listening tools today.

  • Streaming videos
  • Streaming videos in 2016 has become the in-thing to most businesses. But we are not just talking about streaming videos regularly, it is the live video streaming. Social media has allowed businesses to communicate with their customers in a more efficient manner. Through live streaming, customers are becoming more loyal to their brands especially because they have exhibited authenticity through live streaming

  • Messaging apps for businesses.
  • Social media messaging apps have revolutionized the social networks since most people are preferring to use these apps. Brands are now developing social messaging apps related strategies so as to improve their services and increase their sales.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creating powerful content for your business is not the only thing that businesses have to do. In order for the content to have maximum impact, businesses have to increase their visibility to increase their ranking. Through sharing of content on social media, brands are seeing their ranks increase due to the traffic created.  (For SEO analytics, you can follow this link)

  • Social media advertising
  • Advertising of one’s brand is essential to the businesses success. Social media has provided businesses with a platform where they can advertise their upcoming events or promotions. This is a trend that will never cease to grow since more and more people are joining the social networks. Social media ads are easily visible to both the people who are following the brands and those that know nothing about it. For businesses to grow and achieve success over their competitors, they should embrace the use of this trend.

  • Brands are basing their decisions according to data
  • Data from social media analytics is very crucial to businesses. It gives them more information on what their consumers want and what they feel should be improved in their services. Brands that are making data-driven decisions are building a stronger relationship with their consumers, therefore, strengthening their loyalty.

    These are just some of the social media trends that have taken over businesses in 2016. The growth of these trends is expected to rise up to another level come 2017. Some of the speculated trends that will impact most businesses in 2017 are;

    1. Facebook internet

    Even with the rise of other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook still dominates the market. This could be the same situation in 2017 and businesses should start developing ideas of how they will implement their Facebook marketing strategies to accomplish their goal.

    1. Dark social

    What is dark social? One can be able to trace the content that you share on social media sites and to prevent this, businesses are using dark social. This trend helps you share content without fear of being tracked by the web analytic programs. The trend is expected to improve and change the social media platforms come 2017.

  • Social media automation
  • To help serve the consumers better, brands need tools that can give them the power to interact with customers and increase their engagement. Social media automation tools will provide this feature to businesses. Through these tools, it is expected that the delivery of content will improve in terms of the timing and reaching the target audience. Automation tools in marketing promote better services, therefore, better sales.

  • Co-creation of content
  • Today, people are more enthusiastic to work alongside brands when it comes to the creation of content. This phenomenon will transform the quality of content businesses present to their consumers. Also, the content resulting from this collaboration will be highly influential as compared to when the brands do it alone.

    Businesses who want to succeed should watch out for this and many other social media trends that crop up.

    Thank you and have a GREEN day,

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